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Rendezvous :: Kat

Rendezvous :: Kat

I have been searching for new looks and faces to work with since the new year. I came across Kat on IG and immediately knew she and I would create fantastic art. Like all great things in life, Kat and I met through our devices. The purpose of our meeting, initially, was to shoot real quick before I had to run around LA and take care of some errands. What ended up happening was that we hot boxed my living room and talked about everything from climate change, social shifts, music, and traveling. In between all the conversation, we got to create some cool sets. (Some of them are not so PG, so they have to stay off of here for now). At the end she joined me on my quest to run my errands, which was very nice of her.

There will be a sequel to this set in the near future!


Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous. You’re welcome.
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