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Rendezvous :: Jamie

Rendezvous :: Jamie

Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous.” You’re welcome.

Did that lady ever figure out why birds suddenly appear?

Hi, my name is Neave and I work at Glamour Shots at the local mall. The other day I was sitting around cleaning my camera Full Metal Jacket style and suddenly there she was. Standing tall, looking through brochures and stacks of coupons. “How can I help you?” I asked reluctantly. “I’m here to get my headshots done, mister!” she answered in a soft voice. I sighed, put down my camera, and wiped the grease and sweat off of my face. I told her that we close in 6 minutes, but she looked at me with her big blue eyes and said, “But I have nowhere to go…” So I agreed to do it.

None of that is true, obviously. It’s the same story as my other shoots. Long story short: We both looked at our phones one day, came across each other on an app, looked at our phones some more, made plans, looked at our phones, met up, said hi, looked at our phones, shot, laughed, looked at our phones, went our separate ways, cried, looked at our phones. You know? Isn’t that pretty much how everything comes down to now?

Hopefully you enjoyed that weird ass intro as much as I did writing it… hahaha. Anyway I love this set, hopefully you will find it delightful as well.

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