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Rendezvous :: Gigi III

Rendezvous :: Gigi III

Here’s my third Rendezvous with one of my favorite models, Gigi Paris.

She finally moved to LA from Miami a few weeks ago, so we hit each other up to catch up and figure out what to shoot next. It’s funny, actually she came over to my house one day so we could plan something out but ended up helping me move my furniture around and helped me clean the entire house! (It was all on my Snapchat story, but it is long gone by now.) I knew she was nice but I never expected that much sweetness out of someone I photograph, you know? So we ended planning a quick shoot and the result is what you see below. I’ll be seeing her in New York next week so you should be seeing a 4th round some time soon! For this set, we went less sexy and something more classic, hope you like!

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