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Rendezvous :: Drew

Rendezvous :: Drew

Tune in every Friday for a look at Neave Bozorgi’s latest submission of “Rendezvous,” a series in which he shoots striking women in his signature style, exclusive to To see other installments of Rendezvous, click here.

It was hot as hell in LA this week so I hit up Drew to see if she’s down to Rendezvous at the pool. She and I met at a party in the Hollywood Hills about a month ago, so I though it would be fitting to photograph her somewhere back up there. I was pretty jealous that she got to hang out in the water while I ran around with a camera in my hand trying to get good shots. The life of a model is just so rough sometimes…

After the shoot we hit up El Compadre, got some margaritas and called it a day. Enjoy!

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