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Raised By Wolves :: 100% Furious

Raised By Wolves :: 100% Furious

I discovered Raised by Wolves in 2009, and if my memory serves me correctly, owners Pete and Cal were the first dudes I ever “officially” interviewed. During the interview, they mentioned something that really stuck with me over time, and something that rings truer than ever, now that the label is garnering well-deserved attention. “Jumping on the trend-train is a sure way to kill your brand” they said. Surely words for any brand to heed, yet this sentiment holds extra importance given the brand’s growth over recent seasons. The state of streetwear is sometimes blurred, but Raised by Wolves exists amongst a select few names that are consistently bringing something clear and fresh. In the beginning, Pete and Cal liked to use the phrase “100% Furious” to reference an irreverent and youthful standpoint, a perspective that still aligns with the label although that particular expression has fallen out of use. I’m reminded of that phrase while looking through these photos. Also, if you didn’t see the lookbook Raised by Wolves did with trashhand this year, check it out. I kitted out my homie Michael in some of the new Raised by Wolves gear, and we lurked around Vancouver’s Blood Alley for a bit to snap these pictures.

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