Rendezvous :: Kayla Lewis

Rendezvous :: Kayla Lewis

By Neave Bozorgi

May 30, 2014

Tune in every Friday for a look at Neave Bozorgi’s latest submission of “Rendezvous,” a series in which he shoots striking women in his signature style, exclusive to To see other installments of Rendezvous, click here.

Happy Friday, friends! This set is from my most recent shoot with the talented Kayla Lewis. She and I got in touch about 7 months ago, but every time we planned a shoot something would come up and the shoot would get postponed. Finally the planets aligned and we made it happen. She came over to my place in Silverlake and we cruised over to the location in Westwood in a 1968 Mercedes S Class. I tell you, driving a classic car with a beautiful blonde in the shotgun seat really turns heads! Hope you enjoy the results.

Neave Bozorgi