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PREMIERE :: LNDN DRGS "The Meaning of Life" feat. Mike G

PREMIERE :: LNDN DRGS "The Meaning of Life" feat. Mike G

Our good friend Jay Worthy, who Vice recently called “the LinkedIn of the hood” has been making some magic with Sean House under the moniker LNDN DRGS. They’re on that new-new West Coast tip, with a sound that serves as the chill, laid-back counterpart to that shit that slaps in the club, something Jay mentioned all the young homies want him to play in a recent interview. But Jay and Sean will do things their own way – and we’re vibing hard along with them and their LA feel, which is especially evident in their turnt July drop “Uza Trickk” feat. A$AP Yams, G Perico, and Earl Swavey.

Check out LNDN DRGS’s brand new video premiere below for “The Meaning of Life” featuring one of our favorites Mike G of Odd Future, and directed by Stuey Kubrick. Scroll through for our exclusive interview with Jay Worthy.

THE HUNDREDS: Can you tell us more about the music video for “The Meaning of Life”? Where was it filmed? What kind of day was it? 
JAY WORTHY: We shot this video in my neighborhood on the westside of Bompton. I just pulled up to the homie spot in the 4 and I had been in conversation with a director from my hometown in Vancouver, so we chose a day, met up in West LA, I hopped in his car and we went to my hood and shot a few scenes… After we finished my performance part, we went over to Mike’s house in Ladera and shot around there. It came together cool. It was a laid back day, we ended it up at the homie Rich Boy’s house for the last part in West LA.

Any highlights during the recording/writing process of the song you wanna talk about? What’s that sample?
We never like to give up the sample, [laughs], especially Sean. I can tell you it’s one of my favorite groups though… but we want people to dig for the sample if they like it, just like we did. I can’t make it easy for ’em now! When we first started the LNDN DRGS project, we knew we were only gonna fuck with samples and samples only, not adding shit to it. That was the whole thing. The sample needed to be strong enough on its own to rap to, and this particular one me and Sean were both familiar with and I had already thought about rappin’ to it before, so it was just natural for us to do it.

What’s new with LNDN DRGS? Any upcoming projects you can hint at?
Me and Sean are getting ready to release our new project ASAP. We’re just going through a few legal issues with the name from the pharmacy back in Canada, but soon as we figure out that situation, we’re releasing a full-length project .

We read that you’re sitting on about 100 songs. What’s your work ethic like to have you that prolific?
Shit, the way me and Sean work is pretty much on the spot. We find a sample we both fuck with or perhaps he made a beat before I show up to the studio and I just write my shit on the spot and we come with everything right there together. I try to stay busy if I’m not working with Sean on our shit than I’m at other people’s studios workin’ on getting my features up. I’m really focused right now. It’s easy for me to keep writing new material ’cause I’m out there doing a thousand things at once everyday and traveling a lot… been through a lot of crazy shit in my life and still am, so material is never an issue.

Are you currently living in Downtown? Why’d you move?
Yeah, I live in damn near East La like as far as you can go when before you outta downtown. I found a spot that does month to month renting and that just fits my lifestyle better I’m always on the move right now. I’m hitting you from Vancouver BC, that’s where Sean lives so we recorded a lot of the project there and NYC .

Favorite LA radio station? We read that you gave a shout out to 92.3. That’s the jams! What have you been listening to lately?
My favourite LA radio stations are Hot 92.3, KDAY, and 94.7 The Wave. I don’t be listening to a lot of turnt up shit when I’m in the car alone, I be on my chill shit… I fuck with those stations ’cause that’s the shit I came up on. And alot of the time I be coming across song ideas and sample ideas on those stations so shots out to Art Laboe, he keeps it lit at all times.


On Twitter:  Jay Worthy @jayworthyraminc, LNDN DRGS @lndn_drgs, and Mike G @mikegkta.


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