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POST X Hieroglyphics 6th Anniversary Mixtape

POST X Hieroglyphics 6th Anniversary Mixtape

Celebrating The Hundreds reunion with Bay Area hip-hop legends Hieroglyphics we present the official POST X Hieroglyphics mixtape, mixed by DJ Icewater.

Additionally, we’re hosting an event to celebrate the culmination of these past 6 years at 585 POST, with the Hiero crew in attendance. Click here for more info on the event and the capsule collection. See you there!

@delhiero @therealhierocrew @soulsofmischief @peplava @casualrapgod

#THSF #POST #TheHundredsXHieroglyphics



1. Eye Examination – Del
2. Burnt – Hieroglyphics
3. That’s When Ya Lost – Souls Of Mischief
4. That’s How It Is – Casual
5. Catch A Bad One – Del
6. Batting Practice – Souls Of Mischief
7. Now What – Opio (Extra Prolific)
8. Lose In The End – Casual
9. The Who – Hieroglyphics
10. Soweto – Hieroglyphics
11. Oakland Blackouts – Del & Opio
12. After Dark – Pep Love
13. Rap Game – Casual
14. Powers That Be – Hieroglyphics
15. Hip Hop My Friend – Pep Love
16. The Mayor – Pep Love & Tajai
17. Lighters – First Light ft. Hieroglyphics
18. Mistadobolina RMX – Del
19. Let It Roll – Hieroglyphics

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