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Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

pins and needlesIf you are like me, then you don’t work, battle crippling depression, or stumble through life on quickly fading good looks. If you are not like me, then you probably budget your time through responsibilities and planned recreations. Like this bloke here, frozen in time by his fascination of 80’s analog technology. Somehow I was coerced into going to Silverlake for the second time in a year. Oh, Pins and Needles is a really rad place to play pinball.

centaur pinballLocated inside a giant band practicing warehouse are 24 of the best pinball machines from the 70’s and 80’s… and sometimes more recent, according to their website.

pinball silverlake
Pinball artwork seems like an afterthought; like living in a weird licensing purgatory. Are you telling me it was too much trouble to get actual Metallica assets? (FYI best game here)


gottlieb pinballThis looks very different than the band Phil Collins used to play for. Honorable mention goes to the Top Gun parody.

pinburgh trophyPinburgh first place. Man, the stories this thing must have.

pinball flippersBalls eye view.

enfant terribleje suis un enfant terrible

metallica art metallica pinball

vending machineRaddest vending machine of the year carries drum stix, guitar strings, ciggs and batteries for throwing.


batman pinballLegacy


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