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Every photographer knows (or eventually finds out) that having a proper setup is key to getting the shot. Seeing as how this blog has been focused (photography pun intended) on Bobby’s documentation of his personal and professional adventures, friendships, and global travelsover the last decade, it seems only natural for The Hundreds to make camera bags. So we did. A few of them. A few years ago, actually. Where have you been? We’ve seen how Bobby uses his, and now, because we’re nosy, like paparazzi, we want to see how some of our fellow photog friends use their bags, on and off the job. Let’s start with Jiro Schneider, a German-born, Southern California-based photographer who has captured some of music and entertainments biggest names with his lens, rendering captivatingly colorful images that suck you in with their life and vibrancy. Jiro took his Paparazzi Camera bag for a little fresh air up in the High Sierras, and was kind enough to send us the below photos as evidence. Thanks, Jiro! If you’re a serious shutterbug or just a hobbyist, The Hundreds’ Paparazzi Bag will help you dress the part. Equipped with a padded compartment for DSLR, extra lenses and accessories, and 17″ laptop, you’ll at least appear like you snapMagnum quality photos, the rest is out of our control. Snag one here.

Jiro High Sierras



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