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Not so hidden Agenda

Not so hidden Agenda

jorge and wendy ayalaAnother year, another trade show. Except Aaron Levant’s little trade-show seems to be growing and consuming all other trade shows. I have been to a few Agenda’s, but this is SF blogger�Jorge’s first. I still don’t know what possessed him to wear a Derek Jeter jersey to a fashion show… rookie error.

fake birkin alertFake Birkin alert! News flash to the unoriginal fuck holding it… Lady Gaga drew all over her’s like 3 years ago. You’re doing it wrong.

matt george agendaLadies Love Matt George

renee renee jason botheJason Bothe, aka Renee Renne the trade show celebrity before digital film existed. In other news I couldn’t take worse photos with Zapruder’s help…

jon buscemi agendaJon Buscemi asks “do you even trade show?” You changed bro.

pete maiden holly bspaceSoon to be coveted�farting dog logo is Australian brand Mambo. Pete Maiden and Holly Pop run B_Space.

ransom footwearRansom footwear. You heard saw it here first.

derek curry dont ever changeDerek owns and operates Sneaker Politics in Louisiana. Looks like tank tops are still cool there.

derek curry chris hullDerek, the author, Chris Hull. Trade show buddies since 2006.

johnny cupcakes magicAgenda Emerge is the TED talks of street wear. Even though I have lived their stories first hand I loved hearing them. A highlight was Johnny Cupcakes newspaper ad for his magician services. Which, as he points out, would be kinda rapey if he posted it today.

bobby hundreds agenda emergeOf course our fearless leader Bobby Hundreds with the 5 things he learned in the past 10 years.


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