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"Necessary Evils with The Hundreds" :: Hypebeast's Interview with Ben & Bobby

"Necessary Evils with The Hundreds" :: Hypebeast's Interview with Ben & Bobby

As we all know, Hypebeast is a prominent outlet in our industry, keeping us informed with the latest in streetwear, sneakers, tech, food, and design, to name a few. This morning, the magazine interviewed The Hundreds founders Bobby Hundreds and Ben Hundreds in this exclusive interview.

Ben and Bobby talk the rise (and soon-to-be fall?) of social media, the evolution of The Hundreds growing alongside this digital era, and where their roots in narrative storytelling come from.

“Our approach is that everything begins with a story within The Hundreds universe, whether it’s content related, apparel, collaborations, retail, everything has to originate with some type of narrative. And that narrative is told through our website. The website is always our hub, whether or not traffic is coming directly to, social media or an outreaching link. We make sure everything begins on our website so that there’s a centralized voice coming from the brand.” -Bobby Hundreds

“We’re 12-years-old now and the brand looks and feels like we have been doing this for 12 years. This fall collection really shows that, as Bobby said, we’ve progressed as people. The quality of the product and their designs are the best we’ve ever put out. I’m not sure if it will be the best-selling product we’ve ever made, but I know that as a company and the people who stand behind it, it might be one of the most ‘believed in’ collections that we’ve ever made.” -Ben Hundreds

“So that initial idea of what I wanted to do back when I was a teenager was just to be heard. I wanted to be understood, I wanted my opinion to be considered and I used a blog, I used our website, I used a clothing company, then I used social media, and I’ll use whatever comes next. Whatever it takes, I’ll figure out a way to be heard.” -Bobby Hundreds

If you hurry over now, Bobby’s online, volleying questions and fostering discussion in the comments section. Give him a shout out.

Words by Kat Thompson

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