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After countless acts of clumsiness, my camera has finally started to wear down from being dropped too many times.

Sometimes I forget that it’s on my lap when I get out of my hooptie and it slams onto the concrete. Loud shrieks and absurdities spew out of my mouth shortly after.

Now I’m burdened with a beautiful beam of light streaking through the middle of every one of my photos due to light seeping through the cracks in the Olympus’ frame. Perfectionists might be turmoiled by something like this. I, on the other hand, am ecstatic.

You’d be surprised what a little mayhem and imperfection can do for your creativity. Myself and many other creatives tend to obsess over unseen details in our craft. During those hours of editing and fine tuning a detail irrelevant to the core message and idea of what I do; the idiosyncrasies and breath-of-fresh-air-ness of chance tend to wither.

Get the editor out of your creative space. They don’t pay you enough to be perfect.

You’ve seen this dude before. If you live in Los Angeles and you go outside there’s a chance you’ve spotted him. If you frequent my blog posts then you’ve scrolled past his ugly mug more than you’d like to.

For all you newcomers, this is Lee Spielman of Trash Talk. He and his band recently just dropped their new album “No Peace” and have been making noise through a music industry full of by the book ethos and beauty pageant campaigning. Amidst guerrilla marketing campaigns, music videos with people setting themselves on fire and a free all ages tour; Lee still finds plenty of time to be the piece of shit we all love him being.

Amanda just recently graduated from USC. Believe it or not but there’s beautiful women out here aiming for more than Instagram and Tumblr fame. Congrats to all my folks that muscled through and graduated this year. Welcome to life outside of school… you’re fucked!!!

All my Bay Area folks should know this dude. I consider him a legend and a staple in Bay Area urban culture. Weave through the dot commers and bourgeoise foodies and there’s still OGs holding it down. Walk through the Fillmore, spot Rappin 4 Tay and ask him about Bootsy Harput. He’ll tell you what’s up.

I ended up at Rhonda recently. Wow. People everywhere throwing craze. Meet the ringleader… Russell Lee.

This is my boy Dylan Bartolini from way back. He’s cousins with my boy Cambo who I made a fuck load of music with back in the day (if you know about them jams you’re a G). Dylan moved to LA around the same time I did and been killing it the entire time with his photography.

Manface is in New York right now tattooing all you rebels of the world. Catch him posted at The Good Company and get yourself some ink already.

I finally found a burrito spot in LA that satisfies my Bay Area burrito snobbiness. Still far from what I’m looking for but good enough to keep me coming back. Lurk around Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles and you’ll find it eventually.

If you haven’t noticed by now, that streak of light is pretty craze… It’s like there’s some artsy ghost trying to tell the dummies of the world what to focus on.

It feels like it’s been summer. But the real thing is right around the corner. Make sure you rested so you make this one the best one yet. Cheers.

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