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Muttonhead :: Open Studio

Muttonhead :: Open Studio

I imagine the Rat Pack hanging out in the days of the OG Ocean’s Eleven. A smoke-filled back room in a Hollywood club, the sound of ice clinking and the subtle flutter of cards being dealt. Suddenly, Dean Martin accidentally steps on Frank Sinatra’s brogue and Sinatra retorts “Hey, watch it, you muttonhead.” So, yeah. But Muttonhead is also a brand from Toronto, and they make some very dope and wearable gear. Choosing not to be slaves of trend, the label has a generally classic approach with every item, and each new collection continues to show growth from the last. Spending some time in Toronto myself, I stopped by Muttonhead’s “Open Studio” event to chat with Meg & Mel and snap some photos of some pieces that caught my eye. These girls have the right idea by manufacturing everything in Canada and creating clothing that is completely unisex; every collection is equally rockable by guys and girls.


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