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PHOTO SET :: Minimalism :: Charlie Pearl

PHOTO SET :: Minimalism :: Charlie Pearl

Sometimes less is more. Especially with photography.

These days you have people on social media practically having a rolling credits list in their posts. From the make up, to the stylist, to the brands they are wearing, to the location. I personally just want to take in the photo and not be distracted with reading a constant list. So it got me thinking about the time I linked up with Charlie Pearl for a shoot at a rented loft in downtown L.A. Now sometimes when I rent locations, it really is a gamble. They can be good or bad. So I was a bit shocked when I walked into this spot.. Even with there being definitely a lot less furniture than what was shown in the photos, I believe there is always a chance to turn that negative into a positive. Utilizing the minimal feel to our advantage, we shot away. The results were proof that you don’t need a lot of extras to make a good photo. It still comes down to your eye and knowing how to use your camera with your subject.

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