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Miami Times :: Part 5

Miami Times :: Part 5

For this next day in the Sunshine State, I had a shoot scheduled with my bud Iesha Marie. We had some time before we were to link up, so I opted to go out and shoot some flicks around the hotel. The whole point of going out of town is to get lost sometimes, since you never know what you will come up on. I got to snap some landscape shots before heading over to the location for my shoot with Ms. Marie. After having a great session with her, I headed over to a villa that Frank 151 had rented out for their time in Miami during Art Basel. It was filled with an array of awesome and eclectic people, with photos to prove it. It was a really cool vibe there, and definitely one of the funnest parties I’d been to in a minute. It didn’t hurt that Raekwon was there hanging, as well as performing a few songs. Afterwards, me and some people headed over to grab some dinner and just enjoy some good vibes. Scroll below for the play by play.

Dock life.

Photo shooting with Iesha.

This one shot summed up how good my day was going.

Post photo session smoke session and I caught her laughing.

Meanwhile at the Frank 151 villa….

What up Tab.

What up Rae.

Ivan was out there.


Wouldn’t be a party without Buscemi.

Hi there.


Got to finally meet Kirill. Good dude.

It was awesome to see Rae perform some songs for the crowd.

White people love Raekwon… in case you didn’t know.

Flora and Sherry are a dynamic duo.

Russ never seems to never smile in his photos. Even if he is taking it with a good friend.

And that night was a wrap. Stay tuned for the final posts coming this week!

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