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Miami Times :: Part 2

Miami Times :: Part 2

After getting settled into my hotel I was simply waiting on my brother from another mother Tim a.k.a. 13th Witness to get into town. I mean it makes the trip that much more fun to have of your good buds with you for some adventures. It also doesn’t hurt that we are both into photography and love what we do. So after he arrived, we both agreed we were hungry. Given our surroundings, we decided to head over to La Sandwicherie for some awesome food to start our night off. From there we linked up with some friends and attempted to check out a Been Trill party, only to find that we couldn’t even make it to the door due to some douche bag Miami doormen. So we opted to check out Radio Bar for the Max Fish pop up event over there. After that, we were able to get into some late night randomness. A foreign girl was asking us for directions but it was a little hard to understand her. Hopefully she made it to wherever she needed to go o.k.

This spot though….
Street artist
Depth of field
Bumped into Atiba and Crystal at the Max Fish pop-up
Sammy showing me his Tinder swiping skills.
Foreign aid
“What did she just say?”-13th Witness
Photo bomb
Wraps up a fun night in South Beach.


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