By Kazie Holiday

March 26, 2013

Have we mentioned how hard we fan out on Travis Millard? What I really mean is, have we mentioned it since yesterday? Though the LA-based artist will tell you in his humble (and not #humblebrag) opinion that he just makes drawings, what he actually does is create clever cartoons and comical illustrations that are both fun and poignant, and put into pictures every weird and twisted teenage fantasy of rebellion and freaking out and slacking off and fighting back that we’ve ever had. (Your jerk-face teacher kissing his own butt anyone?) So without further adieu, we debut the The Hundreds by Travis Millard collaboration… Well, almost. You still have to wait a few more days to actually buy it. In the meantime, here’s a look inside the fascinating mind of a Van-fan/son-of-a-Wrangler-salesman, who also just happens to be an unfairly gifted artist. Available online real soon.

words by Jane Helpern

Kazie Holiday