Yung Lenox :: 7-Year-Old Artist

Yung Lenox :: 7-Year-Old Artist

By Rob

May 10, 2014

Thursday night there was an art show that everyone enjoyed. A 7-year-old artist named Yung Lenox showcased his life’s work. LRG and 1988 gallery displayed what can only be called a pop culture marker on paper massacre.

DJ Norman Rockwell handled sufficient tunes for such a momentous hip hop event.

The artist and one of his adult-sized fans.

Kev D was enamored by the Lil Boosie portrait.

 Blake with the proud father.

When asked how important art was, the artist replied, “Medium importance.”

Go feel bad about your own accomplishments and see LA’s Most Wanted now... it’s next to the Darkroom... you should know where that is.