By Alexander Spit

May 03, 2014

Better than any blurry photo I take. Better than any semi-educated opinion I spew. Better than any sarcasm you may giggle to.

My most authentic and pure element to my creativity exists in my music, and more importantly when I perform. I don’t consider myself the most amazing performer. Between you and I, I hate my voice on tracks. But, that facet of my artistry is most important to me and therefore I will eternally continue to perfect it.

If you peel back the scab that is current events, trending topics and Internet social presences; you may have caught wind that I performed in LA last Sunday at Lyric Theatre with my ace homie, Intuition. Currently at the pivotal edge of my last album’s campaign rollout and on the brink of new ventures on the horizon, I’m at the reoccurring vulnerable state of my craft. The point when those following have moved on to other things to be excited about and when I take shelter in my poorly ventilated bedroom studio to push some new envelopes.

This past Sunday reminded me I need to quit smoking. It reminded me there is still a following for musicians presenting unseen perspectives. It reminded me that there is a meaning to my life.

It’s impossible to fully capture the vibe with a cheap camera like mine. You will have to imagine until you man up and slide through to the next one.

I keep my circle pretty tight. I don’t let many people into my creative space in order to keep opinions on what I do away. It enables me to be fully me. There are a few heads that get to be apart of my process as I progress as an artist. Shoutout to KT the Terrible, Spintelect and Chidi aka Gray Himself.

Very few feelings can be matched and held parallel to a group of strangers seemingly enjoying the heart on your sleeve.

My lawn chair is everywhere you forget to look.


Alexander Spit