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Libra Leather

Libra Leather

Since 1977 the greatest collection of leather and skins is available at Libra Leather. The founder and owner Mitch Alfus is the scrumtrulescent wizard of leather. From A. Wang to Chrome Hearts, if you can’t find it here… it doesn’t exist.

Tamie and Jasmine have started their own woman’s footwear line called Mara&Mine. They let me tag along while they purchase some skins for next season.

Jasmine taking the whole “call me maybe” thing literally.

SPOILER ALERT!: Perforated short hair poney leather will be everywhere next year.

The only person that can say, “I bees in the trap” and not sound like a complete moron… is a fur trader.

I asked what the most exotic skin here was and our guide pulled out this ugly brown one. When he told me it was Hippo I instantly wanted it. $65 per square foot, bullet and meteor resistant. They don’t kill hippos they wait for them to die naturally. How rad would hippo interior be in your Prius?

It looks like fabric, but it’s leather. And you will be wearing it next summer. Especially the tie dye.

It’s like Uniqlo… only instead of cotton and nylon you have to slaughter thousands of baby cows and rub coco butter lotion on them.

There are cool secrets around every corner, and a showroom I wasn’t allowed to photograph.

Gator belts were on sale. Rap lyric caption too easy.

If any thing is worth making, it’s worth making out of leather.

This laser cut pattern was made for Chrome Hearts, but they didn’t like the color. So now you can own it and pretend you designed it. Maybe the visor of a snap back? Get over yourself.

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