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I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions, but this year I made a few anyway. Not so much of the ‘cut carbs, work out six days a week, bore yourself to death in the process’ variety. More like: Limit mindless consumption. By which I’m referring to information, media, food, clothes, and just excess stuff in general. We spend all day taking in more, more, more of everything, without ever pausing for breath. Towards the end of last year I start to think that rather than curtailing my enthusiastic red wine appreciation, maybe this was the ‘bad’ habit I should get in check.

Obviously, material objects are a good place to start scaling back. When I moved to L.A. I got rid of half my wardrobe, sold nearly my entire sneaker collection, and gave all my furniture and random kitchen crap to friends (including a family-sized slowcooker that I’d used precisely three times). It was liberating beyond words, and I vowed never to accumulate so many things again. In the 15 months that have passed since then, I’ve kept a pretty minimalist vibe going in my apartment/closet, but recently I noticed old habits beginning to slip back in. Stuff like mindless online shopping and hours lost to the endless scroll of pretty image blogs and an uncontrollable urge to buy throw cushions. So at the start of the year I resolved to start what will no doubt me a lifelong struggle to limit unnecessary consumption in all forms.

I can’t say I’m nailing it just yet (I had my first slip up of the year last night, after wearing some white track pants at a photo shoot and becoming convinced that I couldn’t live another day without owning a pair of my own. Said ridiculous items are now winging their way to me via UPS). But I’m doing my best. I’ve unsubscribed to a ton of blogs. Vowed to read one book at a time instead of my usual four or five. I’ve even stopped eating at my desk!

So far, I’m feeling a little lighter and more clearheaded, although I can’t say how long this will last. Come back to me on January 1st, 2015 and I’ll let you know how I got on.

Image via – the genesis of the ‘5 Piece French Wardrobe’ concept that I’m currently trying (most failing) to execute

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