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Duane of Left Field Project Interviews Bobby Hundreds

Duane of Left Field Project Interviews Bobby Hundreds

Left Field Project is interested in how and why people are driven to create. Made up of a series of interviews that creative director and strategist Duane Fernandez conducts with people he’s simply inspired by, he’s since interviewed artists, designers, photographers, and craftsmen from Jeff Staple to Tavi Gevinson to Girl Talk. The purpose is to share their story and give “an inside look into the mechanics of inspiration.”

He recently sat down with our own Bobby Hundreds and talked to him about what he wanted to be when he was a kid, how he defines success, and what he had to learn the hard way. We’ve included an excerpt from the interview below. Read the full interview HERE.

DUANE: How do you define success?
BOBBY: I don’t consider success as a destination as much as it is the entirety of the journey and the adventure. In that sense, I’ve been successful since day one of my career. The reason why I continue on is because I love it and can’t not. To have created something that makes myself and so many others happy, I think that’s success.


DUANE: Why has The Hundreds been so successful? 
BOBBY: Foremost, there is such a passion for what we do. Passion is contagious and as long as that passion is effectively communicated, it can catch on like wildfire. Secondly, I think we are genuine and honest about what we do and who we are. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very much so. And I think our community appreciates that. Thirdly, I think Ben and I share a rare and powerful partnership that goes beyond best friendship and brotherhood. We couldn’t have done it without the other’s support, accountability, empathy, and humility. Fourth, magic.

Keep up with Duane on his Twitter and Instagram.

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