May 15, 2013

If there’s one word that can be commonly used to describe skateboarders, it’s resourceful. Throughout my time in skateboarding, it’s been really awesome to see so many skaters take what they’ve learned, and apply it to the world beyond kickflips and ollies. We have always figured out a way to achieve what we wanted, whether it was an approach to a trick or building an obstacle. One thing for sure is never tell a skateboarder they can’t do something. One such person who can be filed under this group is Jimmy Gorecki, a skateboarder from Philly who now resides in the Los Angeles area, and has taken what he’s learned and launched a new upstart company with his partner Jarrod Lee, simply entitled JSP (Jimmy Sweatpants). What started out as a nickname, quickly turned into an entire brand, but not just any ordinary clothing line. It began with the intention to fill a void that Jimmy felt existed in the market. When asked about his new endeavor, Jimmy put it like this, “JSP is a brand built around producing quality sweatpants. I came up in the Dub, Aesthetics, and Elwood era where these particular skateboard brands produced sweats cool enough to be worn on any occasion. It was something completely different than what you saw other clothing brands doing. JSP is just an extension of that idea. Sweats you can run, skate, or chill in.”

And that is a statement I can back. Not being swayed by current trends or looking at what other people are doing, but rather focusing on something that he was influenced by and processing it in his own way for people to enjoy. You gotta love that, and you gotta appreciate a resourceful skateboarder. To check out the first offerings from JSP click here.