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Art imitates Me

Art imitates Me

PLACE BEYOND THE PINESMovies are deemed good when the audience can relate to them and feel the same as the character. That’s why most movies are fluffy remakes of Steve Martin or Julia Roberts movies cuz thats what you civilians can swallow. I’m not going to say the Place Beyond the Pines is just like me. Yes I can ride a dirt bike better than you poser Hells Angel fanboys. Yes other people are raising my kids. Yes I have done more time than any of you AA herbs but that isn’t what connects me to this movie. There is a news report in the film about Gosling’s character’s crimes. I recognized the voice. It was Jessica Layton, the same newsperson that reported on the shooting of my loyal friend Jeff Paris. Don’t believe me just watch.


So I contacted her to tell her I recognized her voice and to congratulate her on her new success. I’m happy we are both far from Pittsfield Mass. For those of you that remember that shooting it was the 60th most watched video on YouTube, my car was impounded as well as my camera. Jeff survived from 3 9mm bullets making 11 holes in his body.

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