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Jovellyism Daily :: Snaps in B&W :: 6.18.14

Jovellyism Daily :: Snaps in B&W :: 6.18.14

Black and white photography is beautiful. The lack of color in an image forces you to create (or if you were there, recreate) an entire scene filled with colorful hues, tones, and patterns. It forces you to place yourself in that moment, while simultaneously searching your mind for the colors to fill in the blanks.

Some may go to traditional colors to recreate the scene. Those trees are brown, those leaves are green, etc. But what’s stopping you from making those trees purple? Or making those leaves bright orange? You can do whatever you want, it’s your brain. But take that message a bit further. What’s stopping you from applying that to your everyday life? Put your colors where you want ’em, homie!

Now it’s your turn. Here’s a few photos from Winner Creek Trail in Girdwood, AK. When you see these, what colors do you see?

This old hand-tram is still used to cross the creek and take you to the Crow Creek Mine Trail. It hangs about 100ft above the gorge, providing a great view of Winner Creek. My homies and I wanted the tram to ourselves for a bit (so we could slowly cross the gorge and take photos) so we pulled the rope for hikers, helping to move the line along.

Young is always photo-ready.


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