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Inspiration Board :: Jessie Dykstra

Inspiration Board :: Jessie Dykstra

As a photographer, I take mental notes of every place I go. Sometimes it is to just appreciate where I am at and sometimes it is the idea that if I can shoot here with a model, this would be pretty cool. A couple of years ago, The Hundreds moved into their swank new headquarters. One of my favorite spaces to visit in the building was Bobby’s office. He would have these massive cork boards that served to tack up some of his favorite images as well as inspiration. So while they were in the midst of moving some stuff around and his office had be vacated, I finally had my chance to shoot with Jessie Dykstra. What I loved most about this shoot is that this wasn’t a set. This wasn’t a conceptual idea with everything placed by myself or a set designer. This is just as things were which I think set a mood for the shoot. So thanks again Bobby for letting me utilize your space. I hope you all enjoy the images!

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