By Luis

January 09, 2014

Coldsmoke is a new brand I first heard about last year from my friend Nick, who after years of freelancing decided to finally settle down in a full-time position with a company he really believed in. Having seen that, I knew it was definitely something special. Making the trek down to Venice, I linked up with Nick and was introduced to Imani Lanier, brand co-founder and all-around awesome guy. I helped them out with a shoot and Imani talked for a few hours about his career in the world of design – from crazy stories about his time working with P. Diddy to his stint at Nike. The amount of knowledge and experience was something that I really felt compelled to absorb and just take in how much he has achieved through the years.

Coldsmoke is a product you have to see in person to really appreciate the amount of quality and detail that goes into the design and production. Its quickly become one of my favorite new brands and I’m sure will be major in no time at all.

Get to know Imani Lanier and Coldsmoke in the video above.