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Illest Lamborghini

Illest Lamborghini

What’s black, Filipino, and not healthy? Mark Arcenal and his new Illest Gallardo. While this remains no surprise to me, being Mark’s 56th or so super car, I wanted to share what hard work gets you. Mark has been creating since the early ’90s. Starting as a respected graffiti writer, then a real DJ (before Serato and MacBooks), Mark also liked to customize cars for the local drug dealers.

He taught himself how to make websites before CSS and Flash. These talents allowed his hobby FATLACE to generate a massive online presence. I mean... you know it was early if he named it FATLACE!

What started as sneakers and T-shirts quickly developed to fixies, snowboard equipment, and AR-15 semi automatic rifles.

Mark now has 3 ILLEST stores. LA, SF, and HAWAII. He said he has sold or traded most of his cars, if you are good maybe he will invite in the Paddock.

He claims he just got this car to flip, he is really a Porsche guy.

To makes this post less serious... HERE are SOME funny PICS.

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