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I had a Deathwish Night

I had a Deathwish Night

Aside from this past weekend being Easter, it was also the premier of Deathwish Skateboards’ first-ever video. Five years in the making, the project commemorates everything the team has been working up to in that time. I was fortunate enough to get a call from my buddy Mickey Reyes of Deluxe dist. He was in town for the premier, and kindly asked me if I was interested in checking it out. “Hell yes,” was my response, and with that I was on my way to meet him downtown at the Orpheum Theater. Upon arriving, you could sense everyone’s nervousness and excitement, as some key personalities helped out with the set-up. This was an awesome thing to witness, considering that I’ve looked up to some of these people since I was in high-school. It’s nice to know that some things never get old, not even for these legendary pros. The video itself is simply great. I felt the production represented the team and company so perfectly, with a gritty visual effect for the intros, accompanied by a proper soundtrack. After the premiere, the buzz was that if you felt Pretty Sweet was too polished, this was the opposite, in the best way possible. It’s one of those timeless videos that makes you want to gather your friends and hit the streets with your cameras, to capture the fun of the moment. Check below to see photos from the night, and some behind-the-scenes from it.

Marquee set-up.

Mickey scored some heritage flags.

I have known Aleks for a long time. He played a major role in filming/editing this video, so I was pretty sure it was going to be great.

Red carpet set-up.

I can only imagine the amount of calls/texts Erik was receiving that day.

Running a video check to make sure all is well.

Jim Greco and Erik Ellington, ladies and gentlemen.

Marquee at night.

Good squad right here.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed Mike Carroll.

I wonder if Mickey’s daughter ever gets jealous of all the cool people her dad gets to meet. Like Blake from Workaholics.

The Deathwish team gathered on stage.

Roller girls made a fun entrance…

To announce Jon Dickson going pro!

Sssshhhhh it’s starting.

Erik, Dustin Dollin and Furby were hyped after the video, and ready for the night.

Skrillex was an eye witness to the awesome skating in this video.

Stevie Williams and Keelan Dad

Boo Johnson has nice friends.

Everyone heading for the exit.

Tony Vitello of Thrasher wouldn’t pass this night up.

I bumped into the roller girls on my way to the after party…

At Down n Out

The Black Outs Dj’d the event.

Along with the free beer there was free pizza courtesy of Pizzanista!

Which made a drunken Yoon very happy.

B.F.F. Yoon and Lizard King

Roller Booty

A perfect after party to wrap up a night of celebrating Deathwish’s first video. Congrats guys, and until next time!

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