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Hotel 1171

Hotel 1171

view from hotel 1171One thing The Hundreds has always supported is other brands. Ben and Bobby have never shy’d away from featuring another up and comer, even when under the threat of direct competition. This is what makes The Hundreds the town hall… or the front porch… or the water cooler of streetwear. This view is from a brand you may or may not have heard of. This is a perspective of the city I am not used to seeing. I like seeing the other side of the Ritz Carlton from the safety of my Soho House membership.

hotel clothingVoilà! The Next season of Hotel 1171 appears right before your eyes! This isn’t your everyday snappy tee combo. This is a full line of cut and sew, footwear, headwear, and back wear. As well as cultural survival equipment.

hotel backpackIf you ever write “it’s in the details” when describing a product’s details…you should fucking kill yourself. 

fashion inspriationLooks like someone just got back from Honkers (what I call Hong Kong).

hotel 1171 shoesNo need to apologize for shitting on someone’s next season.

hotel socks hotel 1171 corduroy hotel 1171 letterman brett hotel 1171
Brett is the maître d’hôtel. A freelance designer by trade who decided to put his talents to work for himself. Growing up in southern California skating, Brett cut his teeth in streetwear while working at Univ in San Diego.

south carolinaThis isn’t a Hotel 1171 hat… but it’s still rad.

hotel 1171 hat ryan hotel 1171Ryan was manning his station at the Hotel studio.

hotel 1171 bacpackInspired by VisVim at a fraction of the cost.

hotel 1171 neon signNeon makes everything better.

hotel 1171 headwear hotel 1171 hats hotel 1171 logo

hotel 1171 passport holder
Hotel 1171 is inspired by freedom and discovery. To them the word “Hotel” symbolizes the excitement of exploring new cultures. And manifesting ones own unique path. While most of us creatives are living out of hotels while we create, Hotel 1171 offers a decent uniform do protect us on our journey.

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