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Hermes Coffee Sleeve

Hermes Coffee Sleeve

Form and function… style and addiction. Starbucks has branded the fuck out of me every day from 9am to about 11:30. Since I’m the most sensitive person alive and have baby soft hands I have to take the cardboard sleeve that keeps me from saying “ouchie it’s too hot I can’t even touch it.” You can carry stickers to customize your sleeve or a green marker to make it say “fuck off”. I can barely remember where I work in the morning so these aren’t options

Thankfully there is a god tier accessory that is equally bougy and pretentious that I shuddered to think “can even thou pull this off?” That feeling passed, of course I can fucking pull this off, and I finished laying out my scented Hermés drawer liners.

Obligatory unboxing shot.

This is the second greatest moment of my life (sorry sierra). Here is the M. Night Shyamalan moment, THESE ARE MADE FROM SCRAPS OF BIRKIN BAG LEATHER. Petit h is Hermés little turn at recycling all that buttery soft Italian leather that would otherwise be fed to gluttonous French geese. So technically you could get like 40 of these sew them all together… please don’t steal my idea.

Now my female hands no longer have to hold that scratchy cardboard. I didn’t know what I was missing until this was brought into my life.

Paper gangster.

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