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Hawaiian Recap :: Part 2

Hawaiian Recap :: Part 2

For my second day out in Oahu I decided to take a drive up to the North Shore to see what sights I would see along my way. I strolled turtle beach… but didn’t see any turtles sunbathing sadly. I cruised around till I stumbled upon the Dole pineapple fields which were pretty fun to shoot. As I started making it back down to Waikiki, I wanted to catch the sunset and heard about a place called Round Top that was supposed to be a good spot to do such a thing. So I headed up there to shoot that, along with Oahu lit up at night which really is a beautiful sight. After that I still had the urge to shoot so I remember driving under this really high overpass that stretched across the H-1 highway. I headed over there to get a time lapse and after that I felt like my day was done. Scroll below to see the sequence of events and stay tuned for part 3.

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