Hassan Rahim :: "Pendulums"

Hassan Rahim :: "Pendulums"

By Kazie Holiday

April 26, 2013

If you still haven’t perused the pages of our latest magazine, well then here‘s your chance! Big ups to our friend/family/the dude responsible for making our mag look pretty, Hassan Rahim, and the success of his newly released installation entitled Pendulums, on display at The Standard, Hollywood now through the end of May. And now, a few words from the artist from himself…

Pendulums is a visual installation, and emotional experiment on intimacy and violence. The tense energy within this Box installation is a further evolution on the concepts of previous works with different executions. Conceptually, I aimed to appropriate classical imagery and intentionally lessen its value through both symbolism and actual technique; images are found, flattened, cut out, printed and pasted on paper, and visually “broken”.

Hassan Rahim

words by Olivia Stiglich

Kazie Holiday