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The Hundreds Presents :: Hanksy's "Surplus Candy" :: Portland Teaser

The Hundreds Presents :: Hanksy's "Surplus Candy" :: Portland Teaser

Hanksy’s “Surplus Candy” returns this Wednesday, November 12th – this time landing smack in the middle of Portland. Be sure to tune in here on to see Hanksy – with the help of Squarespace – take on the incredibly strict anti-graffiti laws of Portland. Also, be sure to check it out on his Instagram @hanksynyc and on his site

“There’s a bunch of art getting painted on walls between New York City and LA and it’s my opinion that if a knucklehead artist like myself is randomly given some weird pseudo-serious spotlight, they use it for good not evil. The best thing I can do is show what’s up and what’s going down in the smaller markets of North America. Elevating others always beats out the dog-eat-dog.” – Hanksy

Internationally acclaimed – and anonymous – street artist Hanksy takes the viewer on an in-depth six-episode street art expedition in The Hundreds’ newest web series “Surplus Candy.” The series begins with an immersive look at Montreal’s budding scene, an introduction to a globe-trotting foray into other key hot-spots, including Detroit, Austin, Portland, and more.

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