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Photo Set :: The Gumball3000 Annual Motor Rally Comes to Oslo

Photo Set :: The Gumball3000 Annual Motor Rally Comes to Oslo

Oslo is one of the best places on the planet. Especially when the weather is on your side. When its’ sunny, nothing beats it. However, we do have more bad weather then good weather. Usually, it rains... and when it rains... it pours. In Norway they have a saying that goes kinda like this: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. I hate that saying. Bad weather – is bad weather. This weekend, we had awesome weather for the most time, except for the day we needed it the most.

Sunday was the day that the #Gumball3000 race visited Oslo. The location was even by the pier, basically the best spot. Buuuuuut, it rained cats and dogs. It was awful. I guess it wasn’t too bad with the cars, but the Tony Hawk skate demo got canceled. So many people waited in the rain, hoping it would stop. After waiting for several hours on Birdman, we decided to leave. Before we left, I had to buy a hot dog, so we stopped by a spot. While eating and getting warmth back in our bodies we heard somebody on the mic by the vert. And there the legend was. He showed up and told all cold people that it was canceled, but if the weather was nice the day after, they would postpone their departure and do the demo then. RESPECT! After that, he stayed and took pictures and signed all kinds of things. The day was kinda saved, and we were excited about the following day.

Damn you, rain.


Everyone wanted a piece of the legend. And he delivered.

Thanks for the pose!

Monday came, and the weather gods were finally on our side again. And like I said, Oslo is the best place on the planet when the good weather hits. This quickly became one of the better days as of late. First I got to check out the cars, and then I headed over to the vert to get a good photo spot, and I surely did. I was lucky enough to get a pass to shoot from the top of the vert and it was dope! I’m no skateboard photographer, nor have I skated, but I’ve always wanted to do so. And I was a beast at Tony Hawk on PS1. A lot of great skateboarders showed up, Neal Hendrix, Elliot Sloan, Kevin Staab, Rune Glifberg, Adil Dyani, and of course Tony Hawk. People were amped, and they all ripped it. The crowd loved it and were super stoked that they stayed longer to give them a show.

Ze cars.

Session time.

Norwegian legend Adil Dyani!

Kevin Staab.

Neil Hendrix.

Tony Hawk.

Elliot Sloan.

Rune Glifberg!!


After the session we finally found DreamTeam 13, aka Watch x Witness, Alchemist, GPEN, etc. etc. Got to take some pics of them, and then saw Team Trill with Estevan Oriol, and of course the trillest of them all, Bun B! Thanks for taking time to let us snap some pictures. Safe travels people!

13th Witness and Alchemist.

Had to get one with Goldwatch too.

Sorry Trill OG, for making you guys wait while we took pictures.

Squad. Dream Team 13. Safe travels!

A big S/O for letting me take a picture while you threw them up!

When the sun is out, it’s always bound to be a good day.

See you next year(!?!) Gumball! S/O Mr. Gumball3000!

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