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If there’s one thing our generation and I are good at; it’s staying inside wasting time on the internet. Whether your drug of choice is World Star, Hypebeast, or scrolling through social networks on your phone; most of that time could be spent with the cathartic procures of enjoying the world outside your own bubble.

Let it be known that I have it a bit easier than many. I choose not to work a traditional job and I get to live according to my own schedule. I don’t have insane deadlines or a boss breathing over my shoulder. Therefore I have the luxury of exploring the cities I’m in, free of responsibility’s burdens.

I still find it important to preach (rant/word vomit) this aspect of my life with conviction as it’s become one of the main factors to my creativity and overall sanity. Living in Los Angeles allows the lifestyle itself to flourish easily. You ain’t gotta check your iPhone in LA to know that it’s going to look picturesque outside your window. You don’t gotta scrummage through your wardrobe to know that a t-shirt and a pair of shorts will be sufficient.

For those that are burdened with the responsibilities that keep you inside a cubicle or office all day; allow me to be your voyeuristic lens into some good old fashioned care free gypsy living.

Early last week the homies and I crammed in a van and mobbed out to Malibu Creek State Park to get high and jump off some rocks. Although it’s not the most secluded gem of nature, it still beats going to pool parties at the Roosevelt where people are scared of the water.

Conquer some fears and jump into some water one time.

This motherfucker was craze. Triple misty flips off the highest points barely clearing the rocks that would lead to a cracked skull and mangled body parts. He also was rocking a The Hundreds Snapback the whole time…

I’m out here tho.

Before dipping out and being stuck in traffic, we sat and watched a young kid about 13 years old be too scared to jump off a high point while the rest of the summer camp group he was in made fun of him from the shore. Everyone yelled that they were gonna make fun of him all summer if he didn’t jump in. Me and the crew I was with sat and waited for about half an hour to watch the pivotal youth moment. His whole life could potentially be changed with this one bit of social mayhem.

After almost an hour of waiting, he never jumped in and we left. Who knows if that kid conquered a fear that day. I’m hoping he did.

This is off the 110. They keep building these bland apartment buildings for rich kids that want to move Downtown and feel as if they’re living on the edge. The one cool thing that comes out of it is the potential of sneaking onto this construction site and doing a photo shoot on the stairs…

More motel parties please…


Summer is in full effect. You don’t gotta be in-between semesters at school to appreciate it like you know you should be. Life’s short my friends. Get outside and have you some fuckin’ fun.

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