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For the Weekend :: You Should Be Listening to G Perico

For the Weekend :: You Should Be Listening to G Perico

Meet G Perico—LA newest, and rawest rapper that you should be listening to. I was introduced to him, or rather blindsided, a few weeks ago. Don’t take that the wrong way—I was more surprised at how someone so dope could have literally no support behind him on a mainstream level. Rappers like G Perico and even Mozzy are highlighting a modern take on LA’s street rap scene, making instantly catchy anthems and mixing them in with a taste of level headed social consciousness that is sorely missing right now.

G Perico’s new project, titled Shit Don’t Stop, is poised to be the beginning of his breakout moment. With a laundry list of big name producers like Scott Storch (!), and fan favorite rappers like Jay 305 featured on the project, it’s immediately obvious that Perico is looking to take his movement to the next level. He swings from moments of paranoia and fatalism throughout the tape—expanding upon the theme of learning to truly make it out of the LA streets that have taken so many of his friends due to violence or incarceration. He isn’t fetishizing the ups and downs of the street life, but giving listeners a new perspective about the modern day struggle in South Central. Shit Don’t Stop is a strong project from one of LA’s most exciting rappers—and you should be listening to it right now. Check it out below.

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