By Zach and Johnny

December 30, 2013

Pillow Fight

I remember reading the comments for this on Hypebeast and one individual was actually concerned if the pillows were really feather filled.

The Hundreds Norway

Watching this video made me nod off into a blissful, meditative state that felt dreamy and drug-induced, like when the dentist puts the “space mask” on you. Norway was really a magnificent place that felt like a mythical dream, almost everything seemed fake, like we were on a fabricated set for a big budget Versace commercial and I did not want to wake up. I feel fortunate for having the opportunity to capture its numerous angles and diverse personalities – also Scotty thinks he’s hot shit for having his moment to dump me in the water but I wanted to go in anyway.

Mike Blabac

This interview is incredible. Illustrious. Illuminati level. Mike Blabac is a very calm and collected dude, very easy, very well spoken, and has a very critical eye for composition. Having the opportunity to sit down with him and crack open his mind was like getting pancakes served to you from your mother after arriving home with the munchies.

Adam Bomb Antenna Ball

For those of you who do not know Logan at our home base, he would actually do something like this.

CBG Farewell 

48 hours in San Francisco with CBG and a giant scary white dude who looks like he’d peel off a person’s top layer of skin with the very tips of his front teeth and fingernails so that he could later don the victim’s epidermis as a cape on stage while calling your mother a series of very bad names… watch to learn more.

Zach and Johnny