By Alexander Spit

February 04, 2014

Book fairs, hotel grand openings, Super Bowls, and Grammy weekend thirst fests… How’s a young artist supposed to get any work done around these parts anyway???

For yours truly, sometimes all it takes is a couple packs of Camel Lights, a .zip folder full of Prog Rock samples to chop, and chopping up some garlic to throw into your pasta sauce.


So cheers with the pinky out to all you young hustlers and fierce independent women making moves through these distracting times. I hope you stay enjoying yourselves amidst the glory of celebrities, socialites and It Girls; all equipped with barely half the amount of talent that you got. So… let’s proceed with my regularly scheduled melee and satire…

Give Me A Sweater Like This That Says San Francisco Instead And I’ll Wear It Regularly Until You Ask Me If It’s OK To Take A Picture Of It For Your Blog Or Give Me Death.

My brethren Erin Garcia recently had an opening for an art and video installation at the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica. He had me come through and do a fun little set for a crowd of old friends and Tequila-guzzling skinny jean wearers. Past few years he’s been creating a plethora of minimal sketches and concepts that have been getting praise and respect thrown his way. I’ve known Erin for years and the East Los Angeles 20-30 something year old left wing artisans will also remember him from his producer contributions in one of the best unsung Rap duos of all time… Brother Reade. Google that.

Though entertaining to watch, fun to take pictures of, and socially comforting to gawk and mock at at a house party; being attracted to a girl like this is really not the look homie.

This pretty lady likes acai bowls, brown sugar in her java, and a good IPA. She don’t like acrylic nails, white boys dropping N-bombs, and me always trying to take her picture.

Whether it’s me or some other self-proclaimed photographer taking a photo like this; know that the homegirl Sandy Kim was the first person I seen really killin’ it with the selfie snaps in liquor store mirrors. Give credit where credit is due young world.

Been living DTLA since October of last year. The homies and I live in a huge loft with epic natural light. If you look down at the street from this same angle at the right time of night, you might witness a nasty-looking prostitute and a middle aged man flustered with paranoia and perversion.

A few weeks back, my Instagram feed was filled up with pictures of peers bragging their attendance at the brand new DTLA Ace Hotel‘s grand opening party. I experienced lowkey jealousy for about a minute or two and then continued staring at my ceiling. Last week I linked with my old roommate Russell Lee to grab some Old Fashions at the bar on its roof. Equipped with snobby mixologists, 30 something year old happy hour’ers, and elevator House music; the Ace Hotel ain’t a bad spot to get tipsy at after dinner before hitting the city. The rooftop bar overlooks downtown and the back of a “Jesus Saves” sign. I’m pretty sure most of the hotel is a restoration of an old theater with an epic Church-looking tower. (DISCLAIMER: I don’t really know what I’m talking about and I’m probably butchering what’s really going on with that last sentence.)

Middle School… Then High School… Then College… Then House Parties… Then Bars… Then Clubs… No matter where you’re at in the night life evolution… You’ll probably always see a little bit of this kinda amateur-lookin’ freaky shit.

Look at this lot. Turn 90 degrees to the right. Walk in. Order the brisket and Bulgogi. Order a few other random meats. Repeat 3 or 4 times. Return to this lot and give your ticket to the Valet guy. Wait here miserably with that Korean BBQ All-You-Can-Eat itis.

These my dawgs Lee Spielman and Manface. These two argue and fight all day long and then bro it down together tattooing each other. Lee’s going on tour again soon with his squad Trash Talk. Their shows still run laps on every high energy show I’ve ever been to. Manface has been in tunnel vision mode the past 6 months working hard on his art and putting the next foot forward. This is fam right here.

This is Ad Ross. He’s a art genius. He knows more about art than me. He don’t make me feel stupid for that though. Understand that quality and understand why he’s a good dude. Ad Ross designed all the art for my project, “These Long Strange Nights” a few years back and has stayed mentoring my design work the past few years.

The first month of 2014 is in the books. I haven’t ate any psychedelics yet. I’ve been drinking a “little” less. I did P90x for about a day or two. Most importantly… a muhfucka is back in album mode. Fuck everything else you love to listen to. I am gonna make you some shit to love forever.

*fade to black. cue the credits.*





Alexander Spit