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Dumb Starbucks

Dumb Starbucks

If you checked Twitter, Insta, Gawker, the television, or a text from a friend, you already know about this. Sunday morning was a big news day, first Yeezys dropped secretly then Dumb Starbucks was a thing. Because of the same parody law that let’s Weird Al makes songs, Dumb Starbucks is allowed to give away free coffee.

It was just like a regular Starbucks, just dumber.

Some of the cups are on ebay for $500.

There was a camera but it was just there to make sure you didn’t steal these dumb CDs.

I thought these kids were cool enough to ask for a photo. I didn’t realize Guy flipped off the camera, why so angry? It’s not my fault you live in Silver Lake, actually need free coffee, and dress like an out-of-work assistant DJ.

This friendless coward was sneaking around like an unregistered sex offender taking photos of people taking photos of the Dumb Starbucks, dressed as if he read a “how to” be a hipster book from 2005.

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