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During most weeks I’ll attempt to take time to cancel meetings with my computer screen to make my way down to Rosewood in order to visit my Day 1 familia. After about an hour of catching up and participating in my share of shit talking with the homies, I’ll usually chunk up the deuce and part ways back to my maniacal artistic process.

Before driving my dusty Jeep back towards Downtown LA, I’ll typically make a stop between the car clustered Orange Grove Ave and the outdoor mall that is Fairfax; to the humble Los Angeles home of my friend Fabian Jolivet.

Along with being the homie Lanier’s roommate and a world renown drummer; Fabian is a thick Argentinian accented teller of some of music’s greatest untold stories. Characterized by Jazz legends, foreign cities and his own drumming self; his tales of experience in music showcase a life full of artistry, zeal and purpose.

Some days it’s the reenactment of a Howlin’ Wolf recording session in London... Some day’s it’s summarizing the creation of the albums hanging in his hallway... Some day’s it’s about the girls next door he swaggered his way into swooning one afternoon... Each one contributing to his interesting, music filled life.

His home is filled with instruments, photographs and album covers. There are photo books everywhere by photographers he’s befriended over the years. Two cats tip toe through the naturally lit household. He lets me smoke inside because he doesn’t like telling people to go outside. He appreciates the roar of a good engine. He doesn’t mind cleaning dishes I’ve left in the sink because he says it’s calming.

Stashed behind his home is a nice little getaway full of drums made of rare materials like cow body parts that you wouldn’t ever expect on a snare head.

Instruments upon instruments. Each one with a story and a culture behind it. All told with an accent you shouldn’t try to follow half heartedly.

Inspired by the city’s roots and it’s cultural influence on his career and life; Fabian started a benefit for New Orleans in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Named “The Congo Square Project”, the benefit’s intent is to create awareness towards the rich culture created in New Orleans via compilation albums showcasing the sounds, ideas and rhythms that have created the foundation for American music today. With proceeds benefiting New Orleans relief efforts, my friend Fabian has dedicated more than half of this past decade to this project. A project birthed out of tragedy yet vibrant with the ideas and artistry that allows a drum machine, sample choppin’ producer like me the ability to create.

With 4 installations of the project already released, a new goal of inspiring listeners from younger generations has been made. Though remixes and music collaborations with forward thinking producers like myself and anyone else that believes in holding our roots sacred; the story of American music’s foundation can be told to the young bucks of the world.

Through Fabian I’ve learned a fuck load of the history and cultures that has allowed me to enjoy what I enjoy in music today.

It’s funny that I learned all of this an ollie or two away from where so many of us youthful delinquents take time to debate some trivial shit. So if you can take the time to look past all the blunt smoke, colorful cottons and testosterone; you’ll find a noble drummer/producer whose life is dedicated to something with a bit more brilliance than the cool guy shit we lurk these websites for.

Support Fabian Jolivet and his efforts by stumbling through the four projects he has dropped through “The Congo Square Project”.

Sacred Ground Volume 1
Sacred Ground Volume 2
Saints At Congo Square Volume 1
Saints At Congo Square Volume 2


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