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DISPOSED :: A Week Of Film With Scali

DISPOSED :: A Week Of Film With Scali

In our DISPOSED series, we equip contributors with a disposable camera or two and get a visual slice of life in return. Check out all of our previous DISPOSED entries HERE.

There’s something about an unassuming camera that brings out the rawness and reality of the subject matter and atmosphere. Scali is our in-house photographer, but that doesn’t matter. What’s special about this series is that it leaves all of that shit at the door.

Huge DSLRs are great, don’t get me wrong, but it places a buffer between the subject and the photographer. It removes the reality barrier; the organic moments that were otherwise unscripted become manufactured. Nobody chops it up with a 3-pound behemoth flashing aggressively in their grill.

We’ve discussed here at Homebase countless times the advantages of carrying something small and unassuming. In fact, we were just at lunch with Bobby the other day, and he was bragging about his new Sony A7, a bite-size alternative to your standard fare of DSLRs with an almost-equivalent punch of quality. There’s something there...

Size does matter. When you whip out a small camera, the experience becomes more participative and less voyeuristic. It’s a keyhole for you and me into the life of somebody doing something more interesting... It becomes evolutionary, survival of the fittest, story over everything else.

At the same time, it changes your perspective. When you can capture reality, you become enamored by the beauty of triviality upon later viewing—the forgettable moments of raw humanity that are lost from moment to moment suddenly seem grand. That’s the beauty of visual storytelling, and that’s what DISPOSED means to me.

See @scali take a crack at it.


Scali: “2 minutes late and Luis isn’t having it.”

Scali: “Shooting in the dungeon… RIP.”

Scali: “Guess who?”

Scali: “Jon Hundreds.”

Scali: “Nate, Carl, Zach & Vern posted on the loading dock.”

Scali: “Trading flicks for tricks with Chris Harris.”

Scali: “I gave him 3 tries. He only needed 1 (Johnny getting his Beagle on).”

Scali: “Nathan Nice once told me to ‘take notes.'”

Scali: “Warehouse homies showing mad love.”

Scali: “Let me get a lift.”

Scali: “Day’s end.”

Scali: “Yo Chris. Is that a Bud Light?”

Scali: “Speil Chang.”

Scali: “Thanks to daylight savings, I get to explore this new city.”

Scali: “Spot of the week: Elysian Park.”

Scali: “Thank you…UV filters for being the front line of a Lens vs Concrete battle.”

Scali: “Got so busy towards the end of the week, I forgot I was in the middle of a roll. But thanks to Ben Hundreds, I got to finish it while everyone came out front for some tacos in honor of this month’s First Friday (check out our recap here).”

Scali: “Portraits :: First up, Mid-Bite Carl.”

Scali: “This could be me, this could be Joshua, or this could be Alfred.”

Scali: “It’s been real, Albie.”

Scali: “Asked Oldie for a photo, he gave me a smoke.”


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