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WAY UP HERE :: Danny Brown Live at House Of Vans

WAY UP HERE :: Danny Brown Live at House Of Vans

Friday, my friend Neil Wright from PacSun invited me to shoot a Danny Brown performance at House of Vans. I’d honestly never heard Danny’s music and was curious to hear it live. The crowd seemed fairly mixed and it reminded me of what earlier club kids/ravers looked liked, except, they all wore flannels and black T-shirts and jerseys. DJ Dexter Love kept the crowd moving till SKYWLKR came on to check his set up and shortly, in a burst of energy, Danny Brown came on and the crowd went ape shit. Honestly, I couldn’t make out the lyrics (too busy shooting alongside Levi Dopeness), but the crowd knew every line and bounced along with Danny’s manic energy. I managed to rattle off a few images for the usual 3 songs and was quickly escorted out the pit. When I got home and started to edit the images, I looked up some of Danny’s music and can honestly say I can see why people like him so much. He seems to truly capture that rebellious energy the youth of today embrace.


DJ Dexter Love.

Crowd waiting for Danny Brown.

SKYWLKR’s set up…

Lively crowd.

Phil’s Steaks food truck for the masses.

Danny Brown.


The crowd’s energy was nuts!

Fred aka Save the Youth.

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