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On top of indulging you freaks with the fruits of my labor and my sociopathic ramblings; I also consider it my duty to get you, the reader, to look at the overlooked. I’m here to be that writer that provides you with a sense of media unfiltered by hype points and predictability. Here and there you might have to scroll through some self promotion and narcissism in the form of today’s most groundbreaking, thought provoking, Grammy worthy, envelope pushing, face melting, Baby Jesus spirited Rap music... but for the most part lurking my blog entries should introduce you to a thought or idea you won’t stumble across in the forum of your Starbucks small talk and Internet discussion boards.

(see: run on sentence)

With that said, today my brothers Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness dropped a new episode to their visual series, WATCH X WITNESS. Defined by the series’ mantra, “EXPLORE EVERYTHING”; the homies wander through the Everglades capturing it’s brilliance.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to the video series with original scores for each episode. After a plethora of throwaway beats, disagreement, praise and immature texts between Jason Goldwatch and myself, we lock in the music for each episode to match each regions essence.

Enjoy something I’m stupid proud to be a part of below, and lurk your way over to the two other WATCH X WITNESS episodes in existence.

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