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Café Fedora :: A little bit of America in Oslo

Café Fedora :: A little bit of America in Oslo

Dang! I miss the US. Like I stated in my bio I pretend that I live in Cali whenever I have the chance. Ever since I was a kid, we would visit the US almost two times a year. During those trips, there would be so much great meals. That’s probably what I miss the most about the US – THE FOOD. Every time  I talk about the States, I end up talking about a restaurant or something. (I MISS IN-N-OUT and CARNE ASADA FRIES)

However, the other day I felt closer to USA then ever. I ate at this spot called Café Fedora on the westside of Oslo. Its just a small little shack that serves American food. WIN! I went there with my photo-mentor Anton Soggiu ( check out some of his work here and on his iPhone-only instagram here.), who has become a regular at Fedora. Its easy to understand why though. The people there are awesome, and the food is even better. S/O to Anthony for running such a rad spot. Go there if you ever have the chance – the CHILI is on point!

A big bowl of chili and cornbread. Very nice.

I just had it as a side order…

...Since I had to work with my American breakfast platter.

Next time I need to try the baked mac and burritos. The word on streets is that they might get fried chicken there too. If so, there is mos def a God.


– akam1k3


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