Bump and Find

Bump and Find


October 11, 2013

A good thing about meeting so many different types of people is when you bump into them when you least expect it. This happened just the other day when I was hanging out on Fairfax. I was sitting outside of Supreme and catching up with my good buddy Val when we both paused to see this beauty get out of the car. She made her way to the cross walk. She looked more and more familiar, until I recognized her. Ashley Sky is pretty busy traveling and shooting, and I would never have expected her to roll up onto the block (especially during a weekday). We caught up a bit, and she told me she was cruising around and decided to check out the area. Being the good samaritan, I offered to cruise with her and show her some of the shops. This is one of those times I am glad I always carry some type of camera on me. We made it over to The Hundreds store and I suggested we shoot a few photos, since our last shoot was from December for my collaboration with Primitive Apparel. She was in a good mood and we snapped a couple of flicks on Rosewood, and kept it moving.  Unfortunately, she didn’t hang out for as long as I would have hoped, but it was awesome to see her again. Check out the documented evidence of Ms. Sky below as proof that you never know who you might bump into, and what might happen. Have a great weekend everyone!