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On the Set of Arif's "VEKK MEG OPP" Music Video

On the Set of Arif's "VEKK MEG OPP" Music Video

Last week I posted the homie Arif’s music video “VEKK MEG OPP” by Kristoffer Klunk. Check it here. Thanks for all the responses. Its awesome that even though its in a language that most visitors on this website probably don’t understand, it still was appreciated. The video is basically about Arif, starting all over with his music. He used to call himself Phil T. Rich, but kinda grew out of it, and wanted to start fresh. So what happens in the video is that a Phil T. Rich gets killed, and gets his traditional Norwegian viking funeral, and rises again as Arif. Its not that he didn’t like himself before, it was just time to start over Hehehe.. we tried to do something a bit different from the ordinary hip-hop videos, and I feel like we kinda did. A lot of work was put into this video, but it was worth it. I remember we worked all through the night and it was so cold in the forest. And it was scary to. I swear I thought it was going to be my last night. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, that I took. I figured that it might be cool for you guys to check out. Norway is a pretty nice place.

Ps. I hope he starts rapping in English again so that you guys can hear how talented this guy is. Or maybe you guys can just learn Norwegian.

– akam1k3



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