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Brand New York

Brand New York

Jasmine and Nick Mathers rode the same plane to party for a week in NYC. 

Dion G was not one to miss a weekend in the Hamptons. He brought money and 52 bottles of rosé. Blue dress being worn by a person named Ava.

I’m not even conceited enough to post 20 photos in a row of my hair, but this one deserved honerable mention.

Tonic water gets everything out. Not shown: Dion pulled the fire alarm in a pretentious restaurant.

Ava got a tattoo and was very willing to show it off.

$800 to get into the worst club of all time. Dream? More like anal nightmare.

Never bring sand to the beach.

This is the house we rented. This Croatian’s name is Stoy.

God bless America.

Mac’s favorite baseball player is Sandy Kofax. (he loves Jews)

Mac can bench press more (models) than you.

In East Hampton… Mac is the 1 percent!


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