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Bowl Supreme

Bowl Supreme

The other week I was in the L.A. area driving back from dropping off some photos to be blown up into prints. As I was heading up Fairfax I decided to stop and say hello to the good people at Supreme. As I walked up I see my buddy Val outside, who informs me that I just missed a photo opportunity with Drake. I told him maybe next time, then my good buddy Lui Elliot said hello. We were catching up on life when Scott Johnston and Eric Koston showed up to have a session in the bowl along with Nakel Smith. This was one of those moments where I am glad I always carry my camera with me. Strapped with my fuji x-e1 I cruised up to watch a fun session go down with some good people. Here are some of the flicks I got.


Nakel showing off his weird rash thing

Lui is always ready to get the session started

SJ with a smith

Scoochy Pheebs

Nakel skating transition is rad

Alex Olson came through with the b/s smith

Mellow crowd consisting of Jason Dill,Bryan,and Atiba

Watching Koston skate was just simply awesome

It wouldn’t be a visit to Supreme without getting a photo of Jeff’s frenchie Charles

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